Blazing Fast

The fastest tool in existence. 20k products per minute or over 1.2M per hour

Deeply Customizable

Saved filters, views, and color bands allow you to filter a file in just seconds.

Easy Setup

No MWS keys to enter and no software to download. Run your first file in minutes.

New Data Points

Prevent races to the bottom with datapoints only available on here.

Scheduled Runs

Set a schedule for your files to run and get the results automatically emailed.

Helpful Support

Chat based support ready to help!

Untouchable Track Record

Never heard of us? You're not alone. Wholesale Inspector has been quietly running behind the scenes for years, empowering hundreds of millions in sales for some of the biggest sellers on Amazon, and quietly becoming the #1 bulk analysis tool for professional Amazon sellers.

To date, we’ve analyzed over 8,030,344,087 products. That's billions, with a B.

But don't just take our word for it. Check out what some of our users are saying


7 Figure Seller

Wholesale Inspector has changed my business. It has reduced the amount of time I used to spend on running and formatting UPC lists by tens of hours a week. I have my VAs run the lists and I make intelligent, smart wholesale buys. Looking forward to really scaling. The time savings alone are worth the monthly fee!


Future Super Seller

Your system is so goddamn perfect. I invested a lot of resources in my own, worked with 3-4 different providers, and you guys got it down pat. I think you guys really figured out this niche.


7 Figure Seller

I was using other programs to do my wholesale product research, but got tired of waiting hours for files to process only to have to spend hours more filling in the blanks with missing data points. Wholesale Inspector gives me the data that I need to make intelligent decisions about which products I should purchase from a supplier. Seeing that a product is profitable usually isn't enough to make good decisions. Wholesale Inspector has data points that other services are lacking and this allows me to make those buying decisions in record time.


Save Time

Deep Customization

Sort, filter, and highlight on any data point. Wholesale Inspector offers the deep customization needed to keep the important information at your fingertips, empowering you to make more better buying decisions through the power of big data.

Excel downloads available for the Excel gurus too!

Amazon in Stock Percentage

See the percentage of time Amazon has had a competing offer on the listing over the past 30 days. One of the best ways to avoid competing with Amazon!

Wholesale Inspector Exclusive

Buy Better

Cutting Edge Data Points

Avoid races to the bottom by looking at historical trends with data points exclusive to Wholesale Inspector. You can't get these anywhere else! Imagine being able to see what YOUR share of profit per month will be? Or the amount of time that product has sold profitably? Now you can!


Save Time

Unmatched Speed

You sell in a hyper competitive marketplace. To you, data is power. You need a tool to get you that data quickly and no other tool on the market even comes close to our speeds.

Analyzing over 20,000 products per minute.

Wholesale Inspector is more than 60 times faster than the competition.


Simple pricing. Cancel any time. And with a 5 day no obligation free trial!


per month

With 5 Day Free Trial

Blazing Speed (Up to 50k products / minute)

Exclusive Historical Datapoints

Web-based sort, filter, and highlighting

Downloadable Excel Files

Sales per Month Estimates

Advanced Competition Data

10 Concurrent File Uploads

Smart File Formatter

Review Data

Profit, margin, & ROI

Scheduled Runs

Trusted by Hundreds

Join the hundreds of sellers using Wholesale Inspector and get the same ground breaking technology used by some of the biggest sellers on Amazon to help you grow your business. Powering 7 and 8 figure sellers, this is the data edge you have been looking for to take your business to the next level.