Wholesale Inspector | How to Adjust Multipack Quantities

How to Adjust Multipack Quantities

Tom Myers
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What is an incorrect multipack quantity?

Incorrect multipack quantities are one of the biggest pain points when sourcing new products. You run a supplier file, find a promising product with a great ROI, and then realize that the pack quantity in the actual listing doesn't match up with what is in your analysis.

Your costs are for one unit, while the Amazon listing may be for a pack of three. When the costs for the three-pack are factored in, the additional costs can quickly take a winning product and turn it into a loser.

Why does this happen?

Wholesale Inspector already pulls pack quantity information from Amazon's API, but this information is not always correct.

This ultimately is due to the person who created the Amazon listing for that product not properly setting the pack quantity field. If Amazon has the incorrect information here, then the incorrect information gets passed along to Wholesale Inspector.

How do you fix the multipack quantity so the profit and ROI are correct?

The best way to handle these will be to double click the Amazon Pack Quantity field and set it to the correct number. Wholesale Inspector will then automatically recalculate the profit, margin, ROI, etc for you so the calculation is correct.

Wholesale Inspector will also remember this corrected pack quantity the next time that ASIN comes up again when you run your file! 😃

Tom Myers
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