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Reverse Wholesale Sourcing with Wholesale Inspector

Tom Myers
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The reverse wholesale sourcing process is a reverse of the traditional wholesale sourcing process. Similar to reverse engineering, reverse wholesale sourcing is when you start with the finished product and then work backwards to find suppliers who can provide what you need. This guide will cover how reverse sourcing works, what it takes to get started and why it's an excellent strategy for finding high-quality products.

What is reverse wholesale sourcing?

Reverse wholesale sourcing (popularized by The Wholesale Formula) is one of the most efficient ways of quickly adding new suppliers to your wholesale empire. By working your way backward from product to supplier, you can find more suppliers that allow sales on Amazon and have attractive prices. As you know, having more suppliers and more products at your disposal will ultimately lead to more sales.

In a nutshell, reverse wholesale sourcing will consist of

  1. Finding a product on Amazon you are interested in selling

  2. Contacting the manufacturer or brand owner and asking who their distributors are

  3. Opening up wholesale accounts with their distributors

Crucially, this allows you to start your sourcing process with wholesale products that you already know are selling well.

Why you should use reverse sourcing for your wholesale business

When reverse sourcing, you'll have the opportunity to find more wholesale suppliers with sales on Amazon that may not be available through traditional wholesale channels. In addition, you will often get a better price and free shipping when purchasing from these online distributors.

Being able to quickly add new products to your list is one of the most powerful benefits of reverse sourcing. A strong pipeline of new suppliers is the key to long-term growth for wholesale sellers on Amazon.

How to find wholesale suppliers using Wholesale Inspector

What if, instead of finding individual products that you are interested in, you could just enter your competitor’s store and automatically get a list of all the different brands they sell? With Wholesale Inspector - now you can!

  1. Find a product you are interested in selling

  2. Click the name of the seller to go to the storefront

  3. Copy to URL of their storefront into Wholesale Inspector’s Storefront Spy tool

  4. So now that Wholesale Inspector has completed the Storefront Spy, we have a file containing thousands of products that this competitor is selling. We are going to download the brand report under Actions.

  5. This report contains over 280 new brands you can reach out to find new distributors to buy from!

Tom Myers
Tom is one of the cofounders of Wholesale Inspector, leading the product, engineering, customer success, and marketing teams. When not at his desk, you can usually find him rock climbing somewhere in the world.