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Tom Myers
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Storefront Spy is the easiest way to quickly analyze a competitor's storefront to find new, profitable brands that you too can sell to increase your Amazon wholesale business. It is the perfect tool to aid your reverse wholesale sourcing.

Competitor Analysis with Wholesale Inspector's Storefront Spy

  1. First, find a competitor's storefront url. We will be using Avalanche Brands, one of the larger sellers on the US marketplace. It should look something like this


  2. Go to Wholesale Inspector's Storefront Spy 

  3. Copy in the storefront URL and click Analyze

From here, you can either view all of their products directly by clicking the View Products button or, download a brand report.

Tom Myers
Tom is one of the cofounders of Wholesale Inspector, leading the product, engineering, customer success, and marketing teams. When not at his desk, you can usually find him rock climbing somewhere in the world.