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Brand Report

By Tom Myers


Posted in Growth

Wholesale Brand Reports

Wholesale Inspector's brand reports give you an easy way to quickly analyze the different brands in your supplier files or in a competitor's storefront (using the storefront spy feature).

It is the perfect tool to aid your reverse wholesale sourcing to allow you to quickly prioritize which brands to open accounts with first.

To get started, simply run a file or use the Storefront Spy feature. Then, in the Uploads page, click the "Download Brand Report" button in the Actions menu.

Amazon Brand Report

This will download your brand report!

Brand Report Data

The brand report includes

  1. The brand name
  2. The number of products in the analyzed file belonging to that brand
  3. The average Amazon in Stock Rate for products belonging to that brand
  4. The total estimated units per month that brand sells
  5. The total estimated sales per month that brand sells